Proverbs 14:18- ” Foolish dreamers live in a world of illusion; wise realists plant their feet on the ground. ” (The Message)


When I found this verse, I knew it was perfect for this colorway.  The book of Proverbs are full of wonderful bits of wisdom.  In looking for commentaries on this verse, I came across Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible.  I liked what it said, so I’ll share it with you.


“Verse 18

Note, 1. Sin is the shame of sinners: The simple, who love simplicity, get nothing by it; they inherit folly. They have it by inheritance, so some. This corruption of nature is derived from our first parents, and all the calamities that attend it we have by kind; it was the inheritance they transmitted to their degenerate race, an hereditary disease. They are as fond of it as a man of his inheritance, hold it as fast, and are as loth to part with it. What they value themselves upon is really foolish; and what will be the issue of their simplicity but folly? They will for ever rue their own foolish choice. 2. Wisdom is the honour of the wise: The prudent crown themselves with knowledge, they look upon it as their brightest ornament, and there is nothing they are so ambitious of; they bind it to their heads as a crown, which they will by no means part with; they press towards the top and perfection of knowledge, which will crown their beginnings and progress. They shall have the praise of it; wise heads shall be respected as if they were crowned heads. They crown knowledge (so some read it); they are a credit to their profession. Wisdom is not only justified, but glorified, of all her children.”